Saturday, March 30, 2013

Giraffe Neutral Nursery

Love this cute giraffe nursery from Linde Browning Design.  The hand painted giraffe wall looks so cute and I love the other colors they used in the furniture and fabrics. 
 Even the picture frame has color which enhances this safari style room.
 Dark brown and white furniture and pieces can be found all over the room.  The white pieces will enhance the wall, and the browns make a bold statement and stand out more.  I love the curtains and the initials of the baby.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

13 Weeks Pregnant Chalkboard

We just got back from our cruise on 13 weeks so I had to take this a few days after.  I felt awesome on the cruise (motion sick on the first day) and loved how I could eat anything in my path.  Now I actually have to cook being back and can't eat all of the fruit that I did on the boat, but again feeling pretty good and no more nausea since about 8 weeks.  

Here is how big I am 13 Weeks Pregnant!
Cravings: strawberries
Inches: 9 inches larger around belly
How I've used my time: pregnancy pictures, quiet book
Cravings: Strawberries
Other facts: I'm always hungry, about 8 mini meals, no nausea, vivid dreams

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10 Week Pregnancy Pictures

I'm in the process of taking my 13 week picture now, but here is how I'm showing family and friends (and myself) my pregnancy progress.  The frame is an Ung Drill frame from IKEA and it is a tan color.  When we find out the baby's gender I will paint it to match the future nursery room.  

So here is 10 weeks, baby is the size of a PRUNE.  

Inches: 8 inches larger around belly
How I've used my time: baby shower and nursery ideas
Cravings: Strawberries, Kneaders soup, oranges
Other facts: can't read out loud without losing my breath
I get tired a lot and eat about 6 small meals a day

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We're Expecting

Since I love all of those cute ideas out there for announcing babies, here is our cute announcement. I'm loving chalkboard themes right now!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mom's Club at Oopsie Daisy Boutique

Want to shop for top brand name baby items at prices? Oopsie Daisy started a Mom's Club membership so you can pay for a year long membership to save big money on your favorite products. 
An awesome idea right?

GOLD Membership: $50
PLATINUM Membership: $100

Here are some examples of the money you can save with the Gold and Platinum Oopsie Daisy Mom's Club. You can save on even more things like children's clothing and shoes, kid furniture, bedding, toys, baby essentials and more!  I can't believe how much you can save, for me, the Platinum Membership makes the most sense.  
So how can you sign up? Go to the Mom's Club page and easily join, what's great is if you want to buy the $50 Gold Membership and then upgrade to you a Platinum Membership, you can upgrade any time of the year with another $50.  

Shopping Online:
When buying a membership, every time you sign in you are connecting to the awesome Mom's Club pricing depending on which membership you purchased.   When logged in you can see the pricing of how much you can save and within 72 hours is a risk free trial period where you can change your mind.  

Go into the store: 
Also with your Mom's Club Membership, you can go into the Oopsie Daisy Daybreak store and see pricing of how much you can save for every item. Whatever is easier!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Farmhousefive Art 4 Kids Nursery and Room Decor

I love the items from Farmhousefive Art 4 Kids as gifts for baby showers, birthdays, and also some great gifts for grandma and other family.  The prices are super affordable for these great quality items, and can add great decor in your baby or kid's room.

One of Farmhousefive awesome products are their Birth Mats which are cute mats that have the baby's birth information.  

Choose from some of their cute designs and include the baby's name, date of birth, time, weight, and length. Here are some close ups of a boy and girl Birth Mat.  How cute are these to send to Grandma and Grandpa or maybe put on your desk at work?

I've seen closet dividers before for kids, but Famhousefive definitely has the cutest selection.  You use these dividers to easily separate and keep track of baby clothes.  Each divider can help you easily find your baby's clothes and right size and if you buy clothes in advance, you can keep track of what items you have in what sizes.  

Along with the cute Farmhousefive Birth Mats, they also have another collection of photo mats called Celebration Photo Mats which I think would be adorable for events like birthday parties, baptisms, start of school, vacation times and whatever else you choose.
I love the Wall Decals not only from their cute and unique designs, but at Farmhousefive they are made from woven fabric which can be repositioned numerous times and is water resistant. For girls you can find wall decals from flowers, owls, cupcakes, princess designs, etc.  For boys they have animals, planes, pirates, robots, and more. 

 Lastly, I love their cute wall art which you can find as wall decals, growth charts, name and letter decor and more!  They have so many cute designs, patterns, and colors to place in baby nurseries or kid rooms.  What's great is that the wall art is so affordable, these Letter Wall Art are all $14.99.  

Come on over and check out Farmhousefive Art 4 Kids and organize and decor your baby nursery or kid's room all cute!  Follow on Facebook as well.