Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DIY Nursery Wall Art

My friend Kim has a new baby girl and created the cutest wall art for her baby nursery.  Here is a perfect DIY project to create beautiful and low cost art work for your baby boy or girl nursery.
She found lots of cute paper and used hole punch-outs and shapes to put these designs together.  I love the above bird wall art above and how it turned out!  I love the layering of the paper and the colors that were used.

 She also created a "I Am a Child of God" framed artwork and used many of the same paper that is used in the other frames.  I love the colors here as well, this would be perfect for both a boy and girl room. 
I love this elephant design with balloons.  So fun and playful, it looks like she used paper for pretty much every piece of this wall art even from the balloon strings.  I like how she put this art piece together, the colors stand out and look great.
Ta da!!!! Look how great these turned out.  They still needed to be put in their frames, but how cute for her new baby girl.  These will look amazing in her baby nursery.