Tuesday, March 15, 2016

28 weeks pregnancy chalkboard

28 weeks!  Time is flying so much faster than my first pregnancy, probably because I have a two year old I'm running after :)  I'm still feeling good, we just came back from a road trip to St. George which was fun and relaxing, I'm too scared to get on a plane (being this pregnant) so we won't go anywhere else after that.  I'm tossing  a lot more when I sleep and my hips will hurt until a while after I sit up, I am still getting a lot of work down and have tons of energy so yesterday I taped up the kitchen and started painting the walls. I think this might be my last painting project before baby.  

I'm still eating 3 meals, larger dinners but I'm not eating right before bed, middle of the night, and the moment I get up like I was first pregnancy... or yet I should say :) I've been drinking tons of water and lathering lotion but don't feel hot like I was with Owen (but it's not summer either).  I remember being hot all the time with him and carrying a squirt bottle around to stay cool especially at night.  No cravings, I feel like I'm in panic mode a lot recently trying to get things done because I have a timeline in my head. My appointment this week doc set up an induction date for 39 weeks if baby comes, she thinks he'll be earlier than that but if not, I have a date set in May so no more June baby I guess.  I think baby has flipped, he's been stuck sideways recently but I think he might be in the right spot now!