Sunday, December 26, 2010

Making baby hats for the hospital

Starting December 1st, I started making baby hats that I could take to the hospital during the Christmas season.
When I was in young womens, one of the projects I chose wad making baby hats for premie babies bc a lot of times they are too tiny for regular clothes and have to wear baby doll clothes or clothes that don't fit.
A lady that was in our ward and worked w these premies at the nearby hospital told me about this. I made a bunch of tiny baby hats for them.
This year, Chris came w me to the store and helped me pick out yarn to make the hats. I already had the supplies (i used a knitting circle thing for the hats), and made cute hats, many of which were Christmasy colors. I started to work on them everyday, but I couldn't keep that up the whole month but I ended up still making some really cute hats.
Chris' bday is Christmas Eve and he helped me drop them off to a hospital, I went to the top floor and delivered them to the Nicu place for these tiny little babies. The ladies thought they were so cute and asked for my info so they could write me a letter. I told them it was ok bc I didn't make them to get a letter or anything out of it.
When leaving I noticed some dads or other family members leaving with worried looks on
their faces, I was just glad I could make something cute for those little babies born around christmas time to keep them warm.

Stocking stuffer idea

This year we did something fun with putting stockings together for each other. We got an idea from a friend, but we went to Target and for 20 minutes we spent $20 on fun little things.
It was more difficult than it seemed but it was fun going around finding things for each other. Sometimes we would pass each other our see them coming and take a quick detor. Ha it was a lot of fun.

Married 100 days

So this last week we've been married 100 days! To celebrate we tried to take 100 pics thoughout the day. It ended up being less than that but it was fun to do and to be w each other.
I can't believe it has been that long! It's so much fun spending all my time w my best friend.