Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Thoughts: Plan A?

At college graduation a lot was going on... graduating, job searching, Chris meeting my fam for the first time, touring with my grandparents etc... so I only remember a few things about the talks that were given for commencement. The main thing I liked was from Brother Magleby was his talk about "Plan A."

He told us life isn't about the Plan A but Plan B. Things rarely go 100% the way we want or expect them to. You have to have a backup plan and keep pressing forward, great things can and will happen even if Plan A doesn't work.

I loved his talk because it is true things haven't gone exactly as I would have liked thousands of times. When something fell through or things turned out differently then I hoped, it was important to keep a positive attitude and not give up. No matter our hardships or disappointment from things not working out, having faith in the Lord is key because He knows our plan and what is best for us even though we don't see it.

Don't worry, everything turns out for the best, if something doesn't work... keep going. We have a lot of life still on the earth and we can't be let down by things out of our control. Be happy, figure out what you need to do next, rely on the Lord, and move on.