Monday, June 4, 2012

Baby Shower Cookie Designs from has so many amazing cookie designs for all occasions, but especially for baby showers.  Here are some beautifully made cookies that you can purchase from their website for your next baby shower.   

From cute bird cookies, baby blocks, and cute as a button cookies.....

... to airplane cookies, bib and pacifier cookies for whatever kind of baby shower theme you are having. 

Here are some cute cookies for a girl baby shower.  These designs can come in different colors too to match the kind of baby shower you are holding.

There are cute cookies for a baby baptism and blessing...
These cookies are also perfect for welcoming a baby from the hospital with cute onesie cookies, rattle and binky cookies.  All of these and many more are so cute from beau-coup and can be purchased for  your next baby shower, event, baptism and blessing, or as a welcoming gift.