Monday, June 18, 2012

Sugarlicious Couture Binky Clips and More

Sugarlicious Couture is beautiful boutique with baby and children's accessories for your little one's needs.  From floral headbands, binkies, binkie clips, hats, onesies, and more, you can find some of your favorite must-have products to make your baby girl or boy feel special. 
At Sugarlicious Couture, you can find a variety of binkie clips for your little boy and girl.  This girl Binkie Clip Pink Icey below is an example of the beautifully crafted clips you can purchase.  This would be perfect for putting on a cute little dress or top that can go with all of her cute outfits for dressing up, or in just regular play clothes.

Here is another adorable binkie clip but this time for a little boy.  You can find cute basketball, baseball, and football binky clips at Sugarlicious Couture as well.  So cute, durable, and perfect for his little shirts or onesies. 

Here are some cute binkies you can find through their online store as well.  These cute gemmed binkies have hand applied clustered gems which are non-toxic, durable, and come with a clear holder.  For boys, they have crystal gem basketballs and other sports.
I absolutely love the sports binkies that go perfect with the sports binky clips.  You can find these Sporty Baby Boy Binkies which are perfect for your one day sports all-star.   These, and many more of their binkies are way more fun than just a regular, plain, binkie.
 Another favorite product from Sugarlicious Couture is their elegant headbands.  This is Sugarlicious Couture's Curly Feather headband that has gorgeous white feathers stemming from a jeweled rhinestone.  The lace headband is perfectly soft for her little head, and can come in a variety of sizes as well. 

You can find many of their rosette headbands like this Cotton Candy Rosette Headband.  This headband has pink and blue rosettes, pink feathers and netting, and rhinestone accents perfect for pictures, with a cute dress for church or holidays, or just everyday fun in the summertime!  You can find many colors for these beautiful rosette headbands and it's perfect because they are attached with an alligator clip which can be used without the headband part as well. 

So come check out Sugarlicious Couture and many more of their products and follow them on Facebook to get updates on more of their amazing products. 

KK's Cupcake Creation Giveaway

Kk's Cupcake Creations makes beautiful and affordable cupcake and sushi sets made of different clothing essentials for your new little baby.  You can find your sets with onesies, washcloths, receiving blankets, bib, burp cloths, and other fun and cute things depending on the set. 

 Today you have a chance to win one of these cute Sushi Sets from Kk's Cupcake Creations.  You can find most of these Sushi Sets with 4 baby washcloths, one hand crocheted fish, two bath bombs (for mommy), chopsticks, and card.  How perfect for a baby shower or gift.  So enter today and you could choose your favorite Sushi Set.  Good luck!
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