Monday, April 30, 2012

20% Off Popular Spring and Summer Shoes

I have found so many cute shoes at Little Monkey Toes.   They have so many popular shoe styles with prices that are affordable, are high quality, and comfort so your little one can play in them all day.  Here are some of their popular shoes from their Morgan & Milo Collection, you can find cute shoes for your boy or girl and sizes from 4.5 to 2 (depending on the shoe).  So check it out!!

Coming up next week you can receive 20% off your order using the discount code *thanks*
This sale only happens TWICE A YEAR.

You can also find many affordable infant shoes like these Infant Avril leopard print shoes.  These are great for when your little girl starts walking, the shoes have great support and are comfy and soft all around. Check out their infant shoes for this spring and summer season.

Want to find some cute flip flops for playing outside or going by the pool.  You can find some way cute styles with the Morgan & Milo collection and many more from Little Monkey Toes.  With cute silver sparkles all over, these shoes will definitely be something she will love to wear.
These Avril Pink Noevlty Mary Jane shoes from this line have such a cute pattern and are easy to put on with the velcro strap.  
I want a pair of these Woodstock Espadrille shoes in my size!!! How cute, comfortable, and stylish all of these Morgan & Milo shoes are.  The front has the same rubber as the bottom so if they crawl around the shoes won't be easily ruined.  These shoes again are great quality and hold up well.
Little Monkey Toes also holds Morgan & Milo boys shoes.  Look how cute these styles are.  You can find  slip on shoes which are great because they hold in your little one's feet, but don't have laces so they can easily go on.   
You can also find laced options like their cute Championship Lace tennis shoe that is great for when your little boy wants to run around and play all day.  You can find so many colors and more styles on the Little Monkey Toes website.
There are so many cute styles and colors in both the boy, and the girl Morgan & Milo shoes.  Come check them out online and see their affordable prices.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Nursery Inspiration: Jennifer Lopez's Twin Nursery

Today's Sunday Inspiration comes from Jennifer Lopez baby boy/girl twins nursery.  So elegant and neutral throughout the room.  If you had twins (a boy and a girl) would you keep the scheme neutral or add color? 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Orange Baby Shower Inspirations

Here are some very cute orange baby showers that I have found online.  Orange can go well with a variety of different colors and can be so cute for a baby girl or boy shower. 
This first baby shower is with orange and aqua which look so great together.  I love the cute designs they have with the invitations, food, and decor and how they put this cute baby boy shower together.

This baby shower used orange and green in their designs which look great together.  They used the right color of oranges and the sign that they put together looks 100% amazing.  I love the layers and layers of paper in the sign and also the cute poms made from tissue paper that are way easy to make.  You can find yummy treats like carmel apples, cupcakes, cookies, and other yummy munchies. Found at:

This next baby boy shower used orange with blues and greens.  I love the pennants that crisscross and the different heights of the food on this table. Found at:

The next two pictures are from a "Bright and Cheerful Baby Shower" that used bright orange and pink in their baby shower designs.  The shower was outside and my favorite item was the orange sodas with the striped pink straws.  In the following picture you can see the cute pink and orange baby onsies hanging on a line and umbrellas hanging from above.  Found at:

Here is another pink and orange girl baby shower.  I love the bright flowers and you can see that they also had orange sodas.  I love the finger food with sandwiches and fruit and the cake looks AMAZING. Found at: 

This orange and pink baby shower has cute letters "Oh Baby" and cute pacifiers and flowers.  I love how their inspiration for this baby shower was some paper that they incorporated throughout the party (you can see some under the "Oh Baby" sign).  The centerpieces they had with chinese lanterns were a really good idea. Found at:

This last baby shower is with orange, green, and creams.  The flowers look so great on the tables, and the cute glasses with milk have adorable signs on them.  Perfect for a boy or girl shower.  Found at:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

bits + pieces Collection from Bailey Baby Design

Bailey Baby Design is a company that designs and sews baby products that are perfect for your little boy or girl.  You can find darling handmade baby sleepers, t-shirts, onsies, hairclips, and seat covers that are affordable and great for gifts. 
My favorite is their bits + pieces line for cute boy, girl, and baby products.  You can find applique products that are cute and comfortable and so many cute patterns and colors. Another great thing is that you don't need to handwash their clothing, everything is 100% cotton and can be machined washed... thank goodness!
Bailey Baby Design also has so many cute accessories to go with your little one's cute outfits.  They have different clips for different holidays that you can put on a headband, in her hair, or on her dress or shirt.  Look at this cute lady bug clip, so darling, I love how you can buy the lady bug onsie to match!

Here are just a handful of cute patterns and colors you can find at Bailey Baby Design.  From cute flowers, to rocket ships and frogs, you can find a huge variety for your baby or toddler.  So drop on buy to their online store to find your little one's perfect Bailey Baby Design products.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Elegant Girl Nurseries

Oh my goodness, I have come across the cutest baby girl nurseries from baby&child Restoration Hardware. These nurseries are gorgeous and have such a beautiful and elegant design and this company sells the main pieces of furniture and decor you see in each room.
The wooden furniture comes from the Adele line and the Millbrook Iron Crib all add such an elegant to this room.  I like how the tan rug gives color to the room along with the walls (a light beige) which makes the white furniture stand out.  The other colors are very light like the pink curtains, or the other cute accessories and stuff animals to give the room some dimension. 

 I love how this next elegant girl nursery looks so different, but some of the elements are the same like the crib bedding and the rug.  They both are exactly the same but in this nursery, I feel the rug doesn't stand out as much because there are deeper colors throughout to tone it down.  The curtains are pinker and other accents (like the hamper) have some of the same tan colors as well.  If you know me you know I love chandeliers.  I love how the chandelier is right above the crib (it's high enough so the baby can't grab onto it) and the curtains look so amazing framing it. 

This nursery uses a crystal pendant and you can find more gold colors in this nursery design.  You still find your white, elegant furniture and this time a white carpet, which creates a clean design.  The purple crib bedding really makes the crib and the wall piece a focal point in the room. 

Ahh, another beautiful chandelier centered over the crib.  I don't know if you can tell, but this crib has posts that rise feet above the crib so you can hang beautiful curtains around the canopy bed if you choose.  My favorite are the placement of their antiqued gilt wood frames that only range $29-$79 but are places symmetrically on each wall.  The wood floors have a beautiful white carpet on top and I think it is beautiful that they added a few pops of dark brown which makes an impact.

This last bedroom is different from the others because the furniture is in a french grey or ivory color.  The two colors go well with eachother, and an armoire is great to have in a nursery to provide a lot of storage and space, but is also so elegant and adds so much to a room.  The frames have L.O.V.E. in beautiful flowery lettering and the pink everywhere flows nicely together.  These rooms are amazing, I love their style and elegant designs.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Nursery Inspiration: Mariah Carey's Twins Nursery

Mariah Carey's Nursery welcomed her twins Moroccan and Monroe to this luxurious baby nursery.  Celebrities spare no cost to designing a perfect nursery from silk curtains, expensive cribs and furniture, and spectacular lighting.  I love how she has two different cribs but with the same style, one for her little boy and one more girly crib for her little girl.  She used neutrals around the room, and then behind the beds used green curtains and a few matching accents around the nursery.

Found at:

Friday, April 20, 2012

Precious Newborn Ruffled Leggings

If you are expecting or have a newborn baby girl, you know that there are so many cute outfits and accessories that accentuate your little one's cute features. So I found these newborn ruffled leggings at Little Cherry Blossoms and they are adorable!!!! I love how there is so much detail as you can see from the bunching and flaring out towards the ends. These would be darling for baby pictures like the ones you see below.
These hot pink ruffled leggings are definitely a hit and are perfect to make these little legs even cuter!!
Too precious, look how adorable this is especially for these baby pictures. I love how you can put this little top with the ruffled leggings, a dress, or a cute baby tanktop would be super cute as well. You can find these in white, light pink, and bright pink up to size 6 months. They are also so soft so your baby will feel warm and comfortable.

In Little Cherry Blossoms you can find cute accessories to put with these leggings and many more cute outfits. From cute headbands, necklaces, crib shoes and sockies, and even tutus and tops that would be perfect with these newborn leggings.
Come check out their Facebook and website!

Knot Apron Outfits

Who said aprons are only supposed to be worn in the kitchen? Knot Aprons are an adorable creation from Silly Stinker Accessories that uses the design of the apron for cute girl outfits. You can wear a Knot Apron as a dress or a top, and wear them with pants, tights, or darling leggings. These Knot Aprons are just so cute and can be wore to dress up or dress down for whatever occasion.
Look how cute the Knot Apron looks from the front. The two straps come to the front and connect in a knot in the sash part of the outfit. Each of these darling pieces are handmade and the fabrics are chosen together to create it's own unique look.
This is the look from the back of the Knot Apron. I love the sash that ties in the back and is not in the way of her activities.
Here is this adorable outfit once again from the front. You can find a variety of colors and many accessories you can mix and match with this cute girlie clothing.
Here is a close up of the apron. Look how cute the structure and the detailing are. You can tell popular patterns are being used and the colors of the aprons and the straps look great together. As you can see there are many more colors you can choose from.

You can also find Silly Stinker Accessories on Facebook and on their blog.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A La Carte = Tutu Cute!

If you are trying to find affordable and unique fashion, A La Carte Boutique is the perfect place to find outfits for holidays and special occasions, home decor, and products for women and children. They have so many cute products and they are great gift ideas that you know they will love.
One of my favorite products are their tutus, they have so many styles and colors for your little girl. Every girl needs at least one tutu and right now A La Carte Boutique is even offering free shipping on their products.
Tutus are perfect for pictures, holidays and events, dress up, or just everyday cuteness. With layers and layers of fabric, this skirt is way comfortable, soft, and way girlie for your little one to play around in. Adding fun accessories such as a cute headband, a beaded necklace, or maybe some flowers is a great way to highlight this outfit. You can find their tutus with petaled bottoms, attached tops, or full pettiskirts with chiffon ruffles.

You can also find matching girl and doll sets which are perfect for gifts. The set comes with matching tutus, wings, and other accessories depending on the color. Could you image her playing dress up with her doll and putting on matching on their matching outfits for make believe?

You can find these tutus and so many more accessories on their website. What's great is right now you can be a part of their 1000 Fan Giveaway or Mother's Day Contest and win gift cards to this amazing store! Better check it out soon, they will be adding new products over the next few weeks so come back regularly.

Young American Crib Choices

Choosing the perfect crib can be a long process, especially when you don't know what is out there or where to begin. It's definitely something you need to research, because face it, whether you have one child or twelve, your little one will spend a lot of time in their crib and you want to make it the best as possible without spending way too much money.

I've broken down the process into three categories for you to find your perfect crib:
style, color, and features.
Style: What kind of style are you looking for in a baby crib? What kind of style would you like in the baby room? If you want to go for a more modern style maybe you want to consider clean, minimal lines. For me, I am more traditional so I love the cribs above and below which fit my style so well. These two cribs are pretty similar, do you like the full wooden back or do you like the slats all around the crib?
Here is a similar crib as well with a higher arched back with wood across the entire back. Do you see the detail in the back? Do you like something more decorative or do you want something more conservative. As you can see in this beautiful Young American crib, there are many more curved lines throughout this design.
Here is something more streamlined that you may prefer. This crib has straighter lines, as you can see, on the back and on the ledges.
Color: Keep looking at the following styles and see what aspects you NEED to have or would LIKE to have. Crib color can change the entire feel of the room. Do you like the basic crib colors (white, browns, black) or would you rather have a colored crib that is blue, green, red, purple, or pink. The options are endless, it's just up to you and how you want to style your cute baby nursery.

Wow, look at this bold-colored crib. The emphasis is on the ends of the bed, instead of the back, because of the higher side panels. You need to think about what kind of bedding you will put with the colored crib and if it will match.
Features: The last thing you need to remember when choosing a perfect crib is its features. Some things to keep in mind are should you have wheels on the crib or is the crib going to be stationary? Lastly, do you want the option to convert the crib into a toddler bed? (Most of these cribs have that option when you purchase a Stationary Toddler kit). These are some good things to decided on so you can make a wise purchase.

Good luck! Make sure to figure out what you like and would think is best for your little one. First, find out what styles you like, then choose a color, and then decide what features are essential to have with this crib you will use for years and years.

75% off Satin Rompers

Pick Your Plum has the cutest Satin Rompers for 75% off. You can find black zebra, red mini dots, and bubble gum zebra prints.

Such cute patterns and now with the warmer weather you can dress your little one for pictures and events.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

How to Paint Ikea Ung Drill Frame

I wrote an article the other week about where you can use the Ikea Ung Drill Frames. I decided to go and buy one of this adorable frames from Ikea and paint it to use it for a Easter display. I chose a beige color which turned out so good! Here are the steps I took to paint it.
First, here is the frame at Ikea. It is in the framing section and was $29.99, came only in black, and was 23 ¼ " x 33 ½ ".
I bought spray paint from Hobby Lobby to paint the frame and I didn't need a brush or anything else. It was easy to pop out the glass and backing and I laid the frame on top of newspaper.
When I started spray painting. I would go over a section and it was really neat because the black would show through in the cracks. You can do that but I decided to go over the frame three times and in all of the cracks to make it one color.
So here is what the Ung Drill frame looked like with one layer of spray paint. There was a cool vintage feel but since the colors were really contrasting I kept putting on more coats of spray paint.
Here is what it looked like up close after one coat.
After three coats I was happy how it looked even though there were still slightly darker areas (compared to the beige) if you look close.
After three coats I let it dry really well because there are many small pockets where the paint took longer to dry.
I took this picture with my phone but here is is placed over our console table for Easter. We have two pictures of the Savior and a picture of our family. In the frame (which doesn't have the glass or backing in this picture) I was going to have "He Is Risen" in the center. Definitely will do that for next year.
And here is the newly painted frame up close with cute Luc and Bryn. It turned out so cute, definitely excited for family pictures, parties, and to frame some of our favorite pictures!