Friday, July 13, 2012

Ruffle Nursing Covers from LaDy LaDuke

After seeing these beautiful styles of nursing covers from LaDy LaDuke, I don't think I will ever buy just a basic nursing cover again.
 At LaDy LaDuke, they have over 25 unique styles of nursing covers that cover front, side, and back from their Feeder Frock Breastfeeding Covers, Nouveau Nursing Covers, Plus Size Covers, and just FRONT Cover Feeder Frocks if that is what you prefer.  You can also find different products from maternity clothes, nursery decor, and other baby accessories. Come check out their LaDy LaDuke ETSY shop for all of their products. 

Breastfeeding Nursing-The Feeder Frock Baby Nursing Cover

Have you ever been in the middle of feeding your baby and wish you could get up or do something, but you were afraid you would expose yourself?  The Feeder Frock at LaDy LaDuke helps you cover not only your front, but sides and back so you could keep comfortable when you nurse.  Feel free to stand, sit, or nurse whenever you are wearing one of these amazing feeder frocks.

I love this Feeder Frock with Bow Tie Pocket.  All of the feeder frocks are an original design, there are two panels that go over your head and rests on your shoulders. The back panel goes down your back and wraps around your sides for a comfortable nursing.
I love the front panel neckline which allows you to bend and shape as much or as little as you want.  It is the only nursing cover that has custom memory wire so you can feel comfortable.
If you are looking for just a FRONT Coverage Feeder Frock, LaDy LaDuke has those as well! It comes much wider than a normal nursing cover, it is 39'' wider and covers your front and side.  Can you believe they even have a flannel option to keep you warm if you need it. 

Breastfeeding-Nouveau Nursing Cover Maxi Dress PREMIUM Cotton-Full Coverage

You can also find shirts and dresses (such as this maxi dress) that allows full coverage while feeding your cute little baby. The front ruffle has a hidden slit that allows you to comfortably nurse, this can also be ordered in many colors from size XS-L.  

With so many designs and many fabrics to choose from, now you can nurse and enjoy full coverage!  Do you have a favorite color or pattern? Check out LaDy LaDuke

Check out their LaDy LaDuke's cute blog and facebook page as well.