Thursday, March 29, 2012

KalosCandy Onsie Treats

On Etsy I stumbled across the cutest baby shower 'desserts.' KalsoCandy puts together baby shower gifts and favors using essentials of baby washcloths, socks, onsies, and hats.
Here is a cute set to look like cupcakes. I love how they decorate the box so cute with ribbon and flowers.
Here are some washcloths like lollipops. So clever
Here are some more lollipops. They used two washcloths to make the swirl effect. Again, amazing decor and attention to detail, in these boxes too you can find more things like onsies.
Here is another dessert made like a sundae. They found adorable dessert cups and used a variety of baby essentials.
Here is a boy box of 'cupcakes.'
They even designed roses from washclothes or baby things.

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