Saturday, February 19, 2011

Parenting: "I can't because I feel bad"

So, I was in the store today and this mom was getting fabric at the counter and speaking to lady about her 2 year old kid. She caught my attention because I was looking at fabric and her daughter SCREAMED at the top of her lungs and the mom asked the lady "what can I do to make my kid listen." The mom said that she has tried everything and even would squirt water in her daughter's face but she would just laugh.

The fabric worker lady told her she needs to tell her daughter what she is doing wrong and do something like Time Out of something of that sort but the key is to be CONSISTENT because that will help the daughter to stop screaming and everything. My favorite is that the mother said she didn't want to do that because she "felt bad" and didn't want to hurt her daughter's feelings.

I told this story to Chris when I got back and said I hope we are able to discipline and teach our future kids. Discipline is different for every family but I hope that we don't feel bad to tell our kids 'no' at times when we need to correct behavior. When kids do learn to get their way, especially at 2, they can turn really bratty which I hope we don't allow our kids to be.

Valentines Day "I Love You" sign

For Valentines I worked on this cute sign for Chris. Like two years ago I bought this cardboard sign and I wanted to put it to use for my love. The cool part is that it has two sides, so I one I wrote "I LOVE" and the other side said "YOU"

So it wouldn't have a cardboard look to it, I decided to paint it white to make it look better.

I used my Cricut to cut out the letters from Vinyl. It was hard because I didn't know what to make this in, but I had this leftover paper from the cards I made and I just started coming up with ideas of how to make it look good. This is the view from above to show that there are six circles connected.

Here is the front of it. The paper is pink and brown and Valentine's as well.

This is the back, I put some of our wedding pictures in between the letters. I think it turned out so cute, It's great because it collapses so I can easily store it for next year.