Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Gender Reveal Ideas

Look at these cute and trendy gender reveals.  I can't believe how popular these gender reveals are getting, there are so many clever ideas out there.  Here are some of my favorite new gender reveals I have come across. 

Chalkboard anything is really popular right now.  I love seeing chalkboard signs at weddings, holidays, and now gender reveals.  I love this cute sign to reveal a baby name or gender reveal. 

 If you have kids and want them to get involved with a gender reveal, I love this cute idea using a HERSHEY'S bar.  Highlight either the "HE" or "SHE" and have your child or you hold it up.  Love it.

Found on Pinterest
I love vintage trunks.  Instead of opening a cardboard box with balloons you can use a trunk with a cute banner.  So simple, find a pretty location to take a picture and look how cute this gender reveal looks!

Another cute gender reveal is to get a fortune cookie and put the gender reveal in it.  You can do this yourslef or there are sites where you can have them put your text into the cookie.

You can take a picture in the baby's nursery or playroom to announce the gender.  I love the cute sign this couple put on the crib.  You can announce the baby name this way as well.  Super cute. 

Gender Reveal Balloons:

There are so many cute ideas with blue or pink balloons for your gender reveal.  I like this first picture of a couple blowing up a balloon and popping one. 

Here are a few more gender reveal ideas with balloons.

Last balloon one, I love the kids being a part of this.  I can kind of see of the balloons in the box before it is open, but either way it's a super cute idea and looks better than a cardboard box.

If you are hosting a gender reveal party, you and your spouse can come out with candy representing a bloy or girl
I think this idea is so cute, you can buy a stuffed animal that says "it's a boy" or "it's a girl" to announce your baby's gender.
Or just a sign can look super cute and is an easy gender reveal idea to put together.  I love everything about this picture. 

I see these cute chalkboard pictures all over the internet about saying how many weeks the baby is.  You can also do this when you find out the baby's gender.

If you buy a pair of boy or girl's shoes you can take a picture with the shoes to announce the gender.  I like how this picture has the parents blurry in the background with the focus on the shoes. 

Another cute way to get your kids involved in a gender reveal: big brother, little brother shirt. 

Any other cute gender reveals you want to share?