Sunday, November 22, 2009

On BYU Football Field

So yesterday was my day on the field for marketing. I have an internship right now with BYU Athletic Marketing and it is so great! We all work on BYU football and basketball and then I work on tennis and track. Its been so fun especially during this football season.

The interns get to go on the field before and after, and then a little bit of the game but yesterday's BYU vs. Air Force game I was on it the whole time helping with the marketing aspect.
We went around and got things ready and were on the tv and big screens a bunch doing a bunch of things or giving things out like gift cards, ipods, tshirts or whatever. I got to call a few people down to get somethings and Taylor, Aimee, and Jeff came on down to win prizes!!!

Cosmo the Cougar

Lavell Edwards came onto the field and we got some pictures with him

BYU Athletic Marketing

On the field!

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