Sunday, November 15, 2009

Things to do in Life

So, I have a list of 100 Things to do in Life... no it is NOT a bucket list but 100 things I've always wanted to do and try ranging from just little things like trying sushi (which I've done and like) to riding an elephant.. even at the zoo.

I started writing this list two years ago during when I was a counselor for FOL (Foundations of Leadership)and wanted to create a list of short and long-term goals to make me a better person or to become more well-rounded by just trying some new things. I love making goals because it stretches me as a person and helps me see how far I have come and where I want to go.

Even at FOL it was awesome we wrote a handful of goals for that school year along with things to prevent us from those goals on a thick wooden piece of wood. We then karate chopped the board symbolizing to our 8 campers how we can overcome those things and can fulfill our goals. Right now I have a calendar in my room where I write down the goals for that month, including spiritual academic and personal to again push me to become the person that I want to and to especially come closer to my Savior. It really makes a difference in my life.

I'm always making lists and goals and thought of some things that Chris and I could do during these cold wintery months. ....

* Cook Goodies * Read Kid Books * Make Snowflakes * Other Park * Leaf Piles/ Snow Fight * Frisbee/ Football * Star Gazing * Window Art * Surprise Cam * Petsmart * Finger Paint *Saturday Morning Cartoons * Hot Tub * Motorcycle * Serving * Catch Something on Fire :p or fondue

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