Tuesday, November 10, 2009

BYU Bookstore Freeness!!!

Freeness is a term I came up with while texting Chris and the "-ness" part can go on pretty much any word to make it even more amazing-ness. Hahah. So the BYU Bookstore had a huge sale today with 20% off the whole store as a pre-Christmas sale. I got there early and they closed the bookstore down to get everything ready. By the time the sale opened there was a ton of people ready to get in and do some shopping.
I quickly went straight to the clothing section where they were giving out free scarves to the first 25 people. It was so exciting I ended up getting a really pretty light-silvery blue one and the second to last tote page as you see here! So much fun. Walked out of the craziness with my two free items perfectly content.


  1. you didn't even buy anything?!

  2. Nope just got my free things and was done! More things need to be like that

  3. Thats even better than the lost and found sale!!!


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