Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ghost Hunting

Chris downloaded this game onto his phone that I've never heard of (SpecTrek) but it was so much fun and we played it last night! The game is played outside and when you begin the game it marks your point on his phone's GPS and gives you about a 400+ ft radius and shows you where these mysterious 'ghosts' are. As you would approach them on the GPS you would hold up his phone which would use his phone's camera to spot them and you would take a picture to capture them.

So clever! It was so much fun! We went around and played a few of the 15 minute round and since it was under 30 degrees we choose the route of driving around to find the ghosts which made it so fun and warm thank goodness. The little buggers would also move so you had to be fast and be within about 170 feet to capture them.
Ha again it was so fun, I've never even heard of a game like that but thanks so much Chris! I'm glad he surprised me and we played that!

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