Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mom look at me!

 Owen is getting so big.  I love how at four months he's being more engaging and enjoying reading books, standing all of the time instead of sitting, and smiling and laughing a lot.  I love how parents goo and gaa to get babies to respond, even though it looks ridiculous it's a sign of love.
Story one from this week.  To work out  I run on the treadmill but also do Zumba on the wii... which I look absolutely ridiculous... Owen was in his Bumbo with his little rattle and he started screaming.  Owen's little finger got caught in the little ring, I was right there and got it out and just held him as he cried.  It's pretty much the first time he's been hurt and holding him I could feel so much love and also sadness for his little finger.  I just love my little guy, and yes his finger is ok and this picture with his rattle was before the incident.
Story two, daddy time. First of all, Owen loves facing us to study our expressions and loves playing as Dad lifts him up over his head.  Love these two.

Story three, Jordans.  Who said dressing boys was boring, well I proved them wrong.  Dressing boys is the best, Owen has a sporty look (like below) and a dresser trendy look.  Shoes are so cute for little boys, I made just to get at least one cute pair of shoes for every size.  

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