Friday, January 3, 2014

4 Month Owen

The day Owen turned 3 months he started sleeping through the night. He usually goes to bed 10-11pm then sleeps 6-8 hours, Wales up for a feeding, then gotta to bed for another few hours. One of my favorite parts of the day it's hearing his little voice in the monitor and getting him out of his crib. He always has a huge smile on his face and sometimes squeals because he's so excited to see us. 
Owens neck is strong and he loves sitting up in our arms and the last few days straightening out his legs and standing up on them all of the time. He loves sucking on his hands and bringing them close to his body when he laughs. He's playing with more toys and starting to grab for them. 
This month I was sick for a week and was so glad he didn't get it, his cradle cap was getting worse and after we tried everything, a prescription worked and his little head looks great. It looks like blonde hair is coming in on the top but the hair in the back is red so we'll see what color it will end up!

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