Friday, January 10, 2014

Zilio's Artisan Pizza

My family wanted to go try somewhere new for dinner so we stopped at the new Zilio's Artisan Pizza restaurant in Sandy, UT.  The pizza was SOoOo good, it's now our favorite pizza place to go to!  With it's Italian environment, we loved the design in this restaurant from the history of Zilio's on the walls and its design and artwork.

Zilios has 17 different pizzas and the prices were amazing at $6.50 a pizza for whatever kind you want.  We got four pizzas to try and split with our friends.  I haven't tried a Bianca pizza before (pizza with no sauce and just cheese) but I tried the Mama Zilio's Berry Pie and it was seriously so good and my favorite pizza.  We also had the Pig & Pineapple, Four Meat and BBQ Chicken (my second favorite). I love how these pizzas were made and they were a decent size so I was filled up and had leftovers.

Here are the pizzas at Zilio's

Marinara Pizzas
Three Cheese, Traditional Pepperoni, Marinara, Calabrese, Vegetariano, Margherita, Italian Sausage, Four Meat, Pig & Pinapple, Patata Pie

BBQ Pizzas
BBQ Chicken, Sweet Styled Pulled Pork

Bianca Italiano Pizzas
Pizza Bianca, Pear Pie, Bianca Arugula, Sorrentina, Mama Zilio's Berry Pie

Our travel buddies :) Always up to try new things with us, we've been excited to eat at Zilio's and invited them to come with us.

BFFs, see you guys soon!  Thanks for joining us for an awesome dinner at Zilio's!

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