Thursday, January 23, 2014

Post Pregnancy Mindset - Love It

An article in the news caught my eye this week titled "Babies Ruin Bodies".  It caught my attention because just recently having a baby, I realize that my once slim body... didn't seem so tiny anymore.  My body definitely has gone up in sizes and I have thought many times looking at old pictures "wouldn't it be nice to be that size again?"
When I read the article, a woman said that phrase "babies ruin bodies" stuck with her and kept repeating in her head over and over again making her depressed and sad about her new post- pregnancy body.  It was one day when her daughter lovingly looked at her that she realized her baby loved her just how she was and she began to learn to love herself in her new curvy form.  
So many women are going along the same journey not feeling as good in their post pregnancy body.  I think the key is learning to love yourself no matter what shape or size you are.  My son Owen is almost 5 months and soaks in every little thing I do.  He takes in how I respond to situations and is looking at me every second.  I want him to learn how to love himself and feel good, I need to start with myself and teach him by example in loving myself no matter what.  There are so many bad examples in the world of how we need to look and act and how to never be satisfied with how you are.  The example starts with me.
I love this quote from the article:  “The weight will slowly come off or it won't. I have to be happy either way for my kiddos,” Vaughn said. “I was told (my son) would never happen for me. He's a huge blessing and the stretch marks, wider hips, and extra weight are just beautiful reminders of just that.” 
"I want [my baby] to love her body for all that it is capable of, and see the beauty of that every time she looks in the mirror... I want her to be driven to (take care of her body) solely for the health benefits, and not because of an unattainable expectation to be a certain size or shape.”

Instead of "babies ruin bodies" think "my body is ALWAYS beautiful"...

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