Thursday, September 11, 2014

Canvasing One Year Baby Photo

Owen turned one year last week and, if you know me, it's time for pictures! Before his birthday we dressed him in his cute little outfits and took him outside to take some cute photos and he was so good and of course photogenic.  

This one was my favorite and turned out amazing!  I wanted to have it canvased so when each of our kids turn one, we can have all of their pictures canvased and on our wall.  He's pretty special to us and I'm excited to have this picture hanging in our room.

Here it is on the wall, I love how beautiful canvased pictures are and how big these can get.  Mine was a 16x20 so it could fill up the space on our wall in our room, but they can get up to a 30x40 and you can customize your size as well which is awesome if you have a weird size that you need.

My canvas is from Easy Canvas Prints which (like it's name) was super easy to use their site and quickly send and get my order!  They have so many sizes (and also customized sizes) and when you follow on Facebook you can get connected with their deals and new products!

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