Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ties and Bow Ties, dressing up for cheap

Doesn't my little guy look dashing?  I've been thinking how I can dress him better for events or church and I have found the cutest ties and bow ties, sport leg warmers and more!  

Always Under Pay is a wholesale place where I can get his bowties and ties cheaper than cheap.  8 assorted ties for $10... done.  Have you tried to make bowties or ties, mine turned out horrible so I was glad to find something cheap and comfortable for him. 

Here he is in another tie posing for some birthday pictures, I love this look because it's more casual with his cute little tie.

Here O is with his little bowtie! I love it.  Also from Always Under Pay where you can get an assorted dozen for $8! Yes please! Totally cheaper than making and ruining his previous bow ties.  They are adjustable too which is what I like.

So cute for church!

Some of my other favorite products from Always Under Pay include:
pettiskirts (starting at $7.50)
craft supplies
diaper covers (they have the most adorable football and baseball ones!)
doll clothing
dance outfits

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