Saturday, September 6, 2014

12 Amazing Chalkboard Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Here are some more of my Chalkboard Pregnancy Announcements from customers.  I am the owner of Pearl Pear Designs and sell my cute chalkboard digital files to help people make their big announcement.  

Why digital files? For pregnancy announcement customers want it ASAP to be able to take pictures or send announcements to friends and family.  Digital files are sent usually same day so they can make their pregnancy announcement as soon as they want.  I usually just print at home or Staples is by me and starts at 10 cents.

Here is one of my customers with my Chalkboard "Little Baby" customized chalkboard.  This is one of my most popular chalkboards right now to announce pregnancies. Aren't these the cutest pictures!  They even took them themselves and edited online.  I love it!

You can purchase it here: Little Baby Chalkboard Announcement

Trying to get a good photo with your kids, find a cute backdrop or create your own like this one in the leaves.  

You can purchase it here: Promoted to Big Brother or Sister

Here is another adorable announcement using their kids.  It's another popular option that includes three files to take with your kids.  Love it!

You can purchase it here: Oldest, Middle, Youngest Chalkboard

This Chalkboard pregnancy announcement has a customized last name option which is so cute and more personalized.  I love these humongous blue and pink balloons they used for their pregnancy announcement as well!

You can purchase this here: We're pregnant customized Chalkboard

Here is the same chalkboard as the first one, they took pictures with the whole family and had kids hold up numbers which I absolutely love!  I love incorporating the whole family, so dang cute.

You can purchase this here: Little Baby Pregnancy Announcement

I love doing customized work and when someone wants something incorporating their work or their ideas I get so excited. You can design your own chalkboard from size, colors, and more, I will send the digital file and you will guide me through any changes that need to be made until it's just right :)

You can purchased a customized listing here: Customized Listing

These Tie Breaker pregnancy announcements are so cute.  If you have one boy and one girl, they can take a picture next to their signs then the tie breaker is.... either a boy or girl.  So dang cute.

You can purchase this here: Tie Breaker Pregnancy Announcement

These two cuties are excited to be big brothers! I sell sets of chalkboard files as well.  This one has "Big Brothers" then another sign when their little brother or sister are coming!

You can purchase this listing here: Big Brothers Pregnancy Announcement

How cute is this little sweetie? This is another popular listing with gold glitter font that comes in "I'm going to be a big sister, brother, cousin" etc'

Another cute Tie Breaker Pregnancy announcement, this time without the "it's a boy or girl" one. Love this cute beach setting

You can purchase this here: Tie Breaker Pregnancy Announcement

I love how cute all of these kids are with their signs, 8x10 or 11x17 is usually the perfect size for them to hold and pose for pictures.

You can purchase this here: Promoted to Big Brother or Sister

Love how this little guy is holding his sign and has a cute "Only Child" expiring shirt which you can find in so many places and can add to your pictures.

You can purchase this here: Momma's due with Twins/ Baby #2

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