Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Humble Pie Anyone?

There's a few more weeks of summer and it's time to get those last fun trips, projects, and recipes completed.

Right now my last few weeks are in preparation of the baby and helping my spouse and I get ready and one way I've been doing that all summer long is by learning how to cook and prepare meals better.  Obviously our little one won't be able to eat real food for awhile, but my husband and I loved to eat out and now it's time to buckle down and do some more cooking and less

Humble Pie is the cookbook creation from Ali Eisenach with the best pie recipes from Raisin Cream, Cherry Apple, Raspberry Lemonade and more! Sounds super good right! Here is one of here recipes that will be featured in Humble Pie which will be sold at prices wholesale over the US including the funding that is received.  If you want to participate in the funding for this awesome book, check out:

Awesome recipes from Humble Pie:


3 lbs. fresh peaches
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup flour
1/2 t. cinnamon
1/4 t. nutmeg
2 T. fresh lemon juice

Pastry for  double crust (I need to get angela's recipe ***I am going to to use her recipe as the basic crust and refer people to the page like you suggested )
2 T. butter, cut into small pieces
1 T. milk
1 T. sugar

Check out Ali's website at and facebook as well: and keep update when Humble Pie will be available in stores near you!

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