Thursday, August 8, 2013

34 Weeks Pregnancy Chalkboard

Yay! The last two weeks have gone by fast and I'm still slowing down and feeling sick about once a day.  I'll especially feel like I'm going to pass out or throw up if I'm really hot and it comes all of the sudden.  It could be worse, I just lay down right away which makes me feel better, or I have a Preggie Pop.  Ugh, I've been more swollen recently (obviously) my hands (my birth stone ring hardly fits now) and feet (yep, I have Rainbow sandals which are my favorite which I pretty much have been wearing everywhere) and my face and lips especially during certain parts of the day and then sometimes they go down.

Inches: 15 inches larger around belly
How I've used my time: Went to St. George with the fam, put up the baby's chandelier, doing last minute crafts, and blogging :)
Cravings: Snowies, dang it, I'm craving one right now after writing that
Other facts: My carpal tunnel is awful at night and I have a  new pillow under my hips so they have been in less pain.  Still haven't come up with a baby name, baby kicks so hard which hurts or scares me but I love it because I know he is ok and wants to see us.  He'll especially start being wild when my husband touches my belly.

Btw people have asked me about my maternity clothes and this shirt is the Megan Ruched Empire from Trendy Tummy Maternity. This is the softest shirt and I love the ruching on the side for a fitted look and the empire waist with a v-neck which helps make my puffy face look thinner :)  This style of shirt flatters every figure and I'm excited to continue wearing this after pregnancy!
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  1. That stinks you are still getting sick, at least you don't have too much longer.


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