Tuesday, August 6, 2013

22 Awesome Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Just a few months ago we were announcing that we were expecting our first little bundle of joy!  I've been addicted to looking through so many others sharing that joy and coming up with the most cute, unique, clever ideas for how to announce their baby.  Here are 22 awesome pregnancy announcements to hopefully give you some ideas of how to announce your baby.

Love this idea using a baby onesie to announce the pregnancy.  I might do this for our next little one, I love how cute it is! 

Have a pet you want to include in your pregnancy announcement? 

How cute is this using the bottom of your shoes to write the due date.

Haha, I love this cute saying of growing by two feet.  Such a cute idea to take a picture then add text wherever you would like.

Chalkboards are popular right now. This family put the year they were born and then a picture of their family together with the year to announce their new baby.

I love this picture as well! I don't live by a beach, but drawing this in the sand is so cute, especially since I read this couple got engaged here as well.  That would be fun to go to where we were engaged to take pictures of us announcing our pregnancy... well at least next time.

An ultrasound says it all... Holding up your first ultrasound is a cute idea to announce your pregnancy.

Another cute chalkboard idea to announce your pregnancy, love how this is the whole background.

Here's a cute idea, this is a small bin to keep their library books in.  They put the due date for the baby on the side.

So cute, using a chalkboard with your other children to announce your baby's birth date.
You can purchase chalkboard through: Pearl Pear Designs

Or with your other babies (aka dogs or cats) to announce your pregnancy.
 You can purchase chalkboard through: Pearl Pear Designs

Or if it's just the two of you.
You can purchase chalkboard through: Pearl Pear Designs
You can purchase chalkboard through: Pearl Pear Designs

Using food is another great idea to announce you're pregnant.  Take a picture with you and your spouse holding these or take it randomly out and see your family's reaction.

I absolutely love this idea as well using first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes...
They even had a baby carriage to announce this pregnancy.

Haha, fun idea including your husband being pregnant. 

Bump ahead sign for this pregnancy announcement

I love this picture with both of them looking down on the belly with a 'waiting for you' sign.  

Using these name blocks or number blocks to announce the baby's due date is another cute idea.

Such a cool idea, get your ultrasound projected on your belly to announce that you are pregnant. Great idea.

I love this idea for announcing your pregnancy to your spouse. A big card with "you're going to be a DAD"

Here is another funny announcement. Both parents holding up things they will no longer use or need in the upcoming months and a "for sale or trade for crib" at the bottom.  Very clever.

I love when the older siblings participate.  Love their cute little "big brother" "big sister" shirts to announce their new baby.

And lastly, a picture with your feet and a cute pair of shoes showing you are expecting along with using chalk to write the due date.  


  1. Elise these are so cute! I can't wait to get pregnant and do something cute! I dont know if we will use Aspen, love that idea, or I really like the bump ahead sign. All adorable ideas!

  2. These are so fun!! Makes me wish I'd been more creative. Although I am pregnant right now with a baby that was conceived 1+years AFTER we had a vasectomy. I announced on April Fool's Day and of course, NO ONE believed us. It was pretty fun telling everyone later on... actually, it's TRUE, lololol! :)

    1. That must have been one hell of a "girls night out" you had to come home pregnant. Lucky for you your hubby believed the million to one chance that it's his.

    2. Wow, Anonymous, you are making some VERY rude assumptions. Jerk.

  3. I LOVE these ideas! I'm definitely going to have to steal one when announcing our 2nd baby. No not pregnant yet, but just thinking...

  4. These are really cute ideas. My friend's announcement had the legs on down of their dog, the parents, their toddler, and then the baby shoes. It was really cute.

  5. very Interesting Ideas you are sharing thanks for this nice post Awesome Pregnancy Ideas

  6. my son was visiting my parents in another state when my husband and i found out about our new arrival. we wanted to tell him together, but only i would be traveling to get him (i was going to be gone for 2 weeks). we had a tshirt made with the first ultrasound photo and labeled it "i'm going to be the big brother" (he's 11) and i took it with me. we skyped and let him open his gift, so we were both a part of telling him, despite the distance at the time. in addition, my mom had stayed home while my father travelled to the airport with my son and nephew to pick me up. we had my son put on his new shirt to tell his grandma of his new title of big brother, and it was fantastic.

  7. I'm not pregnant yet, but I just found this post off of Pinterest and I think it is SO cute and I can't wait to do something fun when we do get pregnant!! :)



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