Friday, April 27, 2012

Orange Baby Shower Inspirations

Here are some very cute orange baby showers that I have found online.  Orange can go well with a variety of different colors and can be so cute for a baby girl or boy shower. 
This first baby shower is with orange and aqua which look so great together.  I love the cute designs they have with the invitations, food, and decor and how they put this cute baby boy shower together.

This baby shower used orange and green in their designs which look great together.  They used the right color of oranges and the sign that they put together looks 100% amazing.  I love the layers and layers of paper in the sign and also the cute poms made from tissue paper that are way easy to make.  You can find yummy treats like carmel apples, cupcakes, cookies, and other yummy munchies. Found at:

This next baby boy shower used orange with blues and greens.  I love the pennants that crisscross and the different heights of the food on this table. Found at:

The next two pictures are from a "Bright and Cheerful Baby Shower" that used bright orange and pink in their baby shower designs.  The shower was outside and my favorite item was the orange sodas with the striped pink straws.  In the following picture you can see the cute pink and orange baby onsies hanging on a line and umbrellas hanging from above.  Found at:

Here is another pink and orange girl baby shower.  I love the bright flowers and you can see that they also had orange sodas.  I love the finger food with sandwiches and fruit and the cake looks AMAZING. Found at: 

This orange and pink baby shower has cute letters "Oh Baby" and cute pacifiers and flowers.  I love how their inspiration for this baby shower was some paper that they incorporated throughout the party (you can see some under the "Oh Baby" sign).  The centerpieces they had with chinese lanterns were a really good idea. Found at:

This last baby shower is with orange, green, and creams.  The flowers look so great on the tables, and the cute glasses with milk have adorable signs on them.  Perfect for a boy or girl shower.  Found at:


  1. Oh my gosh, baby showers have come SO far since i had mine:) Awesome ideas...i have to share your blog with my nieces who are in the middle of the whole baby days:) Very pretty and inspirational place here, i'll be back often!

  2. Lovely colors. I am following your colorful blog. Thank you so much for visiting and following mine! Have a great day.


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