Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Nursery Inspiration: Jennifer Lopez's Twin Nursery

Today's Sunday Inspiration comes from Jennifer Lopez baby boy/girl twins nursery.  So elegant and neutral throughout the room.  If you had twins (a boy and a girl) would you keep the scheme neutral or add color? 


  1. Hi Hubba - Thanks for the sweet comments you left on my blog earlier. You'll have to check out my daughter and sil's nursery for their firstborn daughter. We are still working on decorating of the nursery, but I hope to do a post on it soon! I'm your newest follower (and thanks for following me!) Have a great week!
    Hugs -

  2. Color! Go for it--you will spend the rest of their lives navigating gender lines. I say go for it now while they are too young to complain :)

  3. You've got such a cute blog here! Following you back :)

  4. Very nice blog:) Following you back also:)


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