Sunday, April 15, 2012

How to Paint Ikea Ung Drill Frame

I wrote an article the other week about where you can use the Ikea Ung Drill Frames. I decided to go and buy one of this adorable frames from Ikea and paint it to use it for a Easter display. I chose a beige color which turned out so good! Here are the steps I took to paint it.
First, here is the frame at Ikea. It is in the framing section and was $29.99, came only in black, and was 23 ¼ " x 33 ½ ".
I bought spray paint from Hobby Lobby to paint the frame and I didn't need a brush or anything else. It was easy to pop out the glass and backing and I laid the frame on top of newspaper.
When I started spray painting. I would go over a section and it was really neat because the black would show through in the cracks. You can do that but I decided to go over the frame three times and in all of the cracks to make it one color.
So here is what the Ung Drill frame looked like with one layer of spray paint. There was a cool vintage feel but since the colors were really contrasting I kept putting on more coats of spray paint.
Here is what it looked like up close after one coat.
After three coats I was happy how it looked even though there were still slightly darker areas (compared to the beige) if you look close.
After three coats I let it dry really well because there are many small pockets where the paint took longer to dry.
I took this picture with my phone but here is is placed over our console table for Easter. We have two pictures of the Savior and a picture of our family. In the frame (which doesn't have the glass or backing in this picture) I was going to have "He Is Risen" in the center. Definitely will do that for next year.
And here is the newly painted frame up close with cute Luc and Bryn. It turned out so cute, definitely excited for family pictures, parties, and to frame some of our favorite pictures!

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