Sunday, August 21, 2011


Wow, moving is the worse. I forget how bad it is until all of my stuff has to be put into boxes. I was thinking that I have moved a ton within the last few years, especially in college, and when I counted I have moved 9 times within 5 years. AHHHHHHHH. I mean most of the time was across campus or somewhere in the same city, but either way, moving required getting everything out of the old apartment and everything back in the new apartment. I also remember the days when everything I owned fit into a car.... no more. Now we have furniture and everything to fill our place but they take up room, we had a hard time putting everything into a 17 foot moving truck which shocked us. Either way we are safely here and are so grateful for family helping us out.
We are in our new place and love it. It has been so fun exploring and figuring out fun things to do. The day we moved in we saw two rainbows which was a tender moment because it symbolizes new beginnings, promise, etc.

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