Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Dad's favorite child, THE DOG

Our dog Bella LOVES my dad, and my dad totally admits he has a soft spot for the dog. She is a sweet little thing. This is her with "Snuggle Puppy" but he had to be tossed because she started eating the fluffing hahah. (Snuggle Purse is in the back along with other pics too)

Her again with Snuggle Puppy.

Sometime we dress her up like for Christmas. That's her only wild outfit, she even has a jingle bell collar. Usually we just have her in jackets because she gets cold in the winter and needs something for walks.

Ok brace yourseslves. Here is Bella on my parent's bedside. She sleeps in their room and my Dad will tuck her into this orange blanket every night. He will get woken up once or twice in the night from her wimpering because she needs the blanket put back on him... and he does it!!! This thing is so spoiled
Here she is looking for deer. We have many deer go through our backyard on a daily basis so she will wait to hopefully find them.

Here she is inside. She gets really mad when we go outside or get into our car because I swear she thinks our lives are one big "WALK."

Bella either wanting some of our food or to go on a walk. (Snuggle Purse is in the back). Oh and if a guest comes, she will run up all over you and have an accident.

Bella loves walks.

Snuggle Purse!!!!!

She loves playing with her bones. Cute!!!

Here she is sunbathing. She loves being in the sun and she gets burned and even turns a pink color if she stays out too long. She likes eating the nuts that falls from the trees.

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  1. That's funny! My dad is totally the same way. We tease him because the first "person" he greets when he gets home is always their dog Ella. She's his favorite :)


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