Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thank goodness I didn't buy that...

So I was about to buy this today when I was at the store. I need some kind of rolling pin for something I am doing and I thought this was so cool with the alligator on the top and bottom and put it in my shopping cart. After a few aisles I thought to myself "self, what would Chris say if I brought home this ridiculous contraption?"
Always a good thing to think because I am pretty practical when it comes to money and spending but Chris will be even two steps beyond me. So I went through my mental checklist of what would happen if I came down with this 6 inch alligator rolling pin. It would go something like this:

Did you actually buy this? .... Yes!
You know it has an alligator on it right? .... Yes
It's like 6 inches could you even roll out anything with it .... Oh good point
Is that going to fit in the cabinet or drawers? .... Ohh, hmmm yeah true.
How on earth would you use that? .... Hmm
We don't have kids why is it an alligator rolling pin ....

Anyway I answered yes to all of them so I found some place to put it back and felt really good about my decision. How ridiculous would it be if I had gotten that, I can't believe I almost got that thing and besides it was very light and my hands would have hurt using those alligator scaled handles. Anyway, Chris has taught me so well, I'm glad he is my little conscious at the grocery store :)

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