Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Honeymoon to Cancun

When Chris told me we were going to Cancun I was so excited! It was a surprise and I found out the night before. Our flight was early in the morning but we flew in going through New Mexico and it was awesome seeing the "hotel zone" from our plane.

Our hotel was so much fun! There was so much to do and we loved it because it was all-inclusive. Lots of fun activites and ALL THE FREE FOOD YOU CAN IMAGINE!

This is a view from our hotel room. The hutch thing is the huge cafeteria which had incredible food and so many varieties. Some other huts were poolside food places. They had the pools down below and you can see how close we were to the ocean

The view of one of the awesome looking pools from our balcony. I loved all of the palm trees and gorgeous weather.
Sideview of one side of our hotel (we were up there on the 5th floor)

The symbol of the Crown Paradise hotel was everywhere. On practically every window, on the walls, sconces, pools, and even in the water. Right behind here was the drink area where we would load up on alcohol-free pina colada or tropical drinks.

I'm walking down the stairs taking a picture of the first thing you would see when walking on the beach. We were THAT close. People would be all over us right when we stepped down to see if we would buy anything. They would always say "I'll give you my best price"
So when ppl would try to sell us somethings in pesos we would quickly divide the amount by 10 in our heads (because the exchange rate is like 11.5) to see if it was legit

Some days we would go shell hunting and we found some huge and cool shells. We brought back two big ones that hardly had any breaks on it. The best spot for shells was where the waves break and our feet would hurt from the waves breaking the shells on our legs and feet

We thought it was a shortcut.... but it was longer going down these random stairs in our hotel. Here is the view from our hotel of the south side of us

On the way to the Italian restaurant we took a picture outside of it. They had 5 restaurants and they were only open at night and you had to make previous arrangements to go there. Everything was free it was AWESOME!

The food was so good and always so decorative and beautiful.

I've always wanted to coconut-tree climb so I ran up to the top quick so I wouldn't get caught

We would load up on free drinks. This was the first restaurant we went to (the Italian one). I loved dressing up each night to go to the restaurants

The Mexican restaurant we went to Los Gallos. That's where we were sang too by the mariachi band and they made Chris and I stand up and dance in front of everyone

Crown Paradise had a ton of activities you could do. They had this list up with hourly activities from cooking to dancing to seeing the sunset or whatever

The pool was right by the ocean. I love this view because it looks like the pool and ocean just flow together... besides that pole right there

Going to the beach to play in the water. There was lifegaurds and one day when the hurricane reminents were hitting us someone in the water was getting pulled out to the ocean. They were ok but we still didn't go too deep

I drew our names in the sand

Here is the strip we would drive down to go to and from the hotels in the Hotel Zone. There was water pretty much on each side

Ha we went to the shops/ markets and I made Chris try this on and I died laughing.

So random, but the cookie monster statue was there hahah

An awesome place in the shopping center. The second hottest day is when we went to these stores. They were all outside and we would weave in and out of the stores to avoid the hot sun.

Picture of the ocean from our hotel room. It was beautiful and so darn close!

Putt-putt golf place on our hotel site

The coverings for the places outside of our hotel

Our first picture together at the honeymoon at the Crown Paradise entrance
What a fun time! We definitely will hit up an all-inclusive place again. Hopefully we'll be back to Cancun soon! Thanks for an awesome adventure babe :)

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