Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Murder Mystery Dinner

So the weekend before Halloween Chris and I went to a murder mystery dinner. We received this invitation along with who our characters were.
I was a fortune teller and Chris was a mummy. We went to Nick and Lacie's and were ready to solve the mystery.
Hahah Natalie was a Gothic girl and Jeff was a Frankenstein superstar rocker person hahah.
When we got there we had four rounds where we read secret information about our characters that we would only know about. Then we would have questions that we were required to ask during that round to help us get more information to solve the mystery.

We would go around asking questions about where people were at, what we had seen, and what we found (and all of these were in our booklets). It was so fun and we would find more and more information out as the rounds continued.
We also had amazing food during the rounds which were Halloween or fall foods. It was so good!
Here is all of us after solving the myster. Lacie was a doctor, Nick was the devil, Jeff a Frankenstein rockstar, Natalie a gothic girl, Chris a mummy Pharoah, Me a fortune teller, Brianna a wicked witch and Robbie was a vampirish guy. Pretty good lookin' group!!!

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  1. Haha, that night was so fun! We need to do one again sometime- your costumes were great!


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