Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Countdown of October

Coming back from the wedding and honeymoon we've had so much to do and get together so I'm doing the main events in October. for the Pearsons. which were many. This is just a COUNTDOWN

#4 Halloween!

Coleman and Lucie were Jessie and Buzz Lightyear

Cute Bryn and Hal as Little-Bo Peep and Sheep!

#3 Birthdays

We had birthdays for friend Mike (here at Texas Roadhouse)

Jeff's birthday the 29th and we had Randy's the 31st
#2 Alexa and Cam's wedding. Sorry all the pics are on Chris' camera.

#1 Whitnie's state tennis match at the beginning of this month. She played so well and placed 2nd

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  1. Umm... I just looked at your sidebar and it says you have been married for 60 days? Has it really been that long? Crazy! Cute post by the way!


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