Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rosette Headbands

I'm cropped out because I look goofy, but here is the finished headband that only took like half hour. I made a pink/white one and the black one below

The fabric that works best is a double-sided fabric that is more thick. I chose this paisley one below and it was white on one side and pink on the other which gave the rosette more dimension.
To start you cut about a half-inch to an inch and however long you would like (usually at least a foot to three feet). You can iron it in half or I just continuously folded it.

To start you just fold the fabric at one of the ends and keep on wrapping it around, sewing it with a needle and thread to hold it in place.

I kept twisting the fabric and positioning it before I placed the needle in. I kept the edges untrimmed so it became like this. I made two roses for this headband. This was a bigger one then I made a smaller one. When I finished I just cut off an extra inch or two and sewed it flat on the back of the rose.

Here are the two roses with the headband I glued them too.
Here's the black one I also put together

All done. I placed three together for this one

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  1. Check you out!!!
    Clint shared you're blog with me for some entertainment :)
    I totally just learned how to make these this weekend for my etsy shop! LOVE them :)
    You're blog is super cute!!



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