Monday, April 5, 2010

50 Things I Love

I'm so grateful for all that I have. I've been thinking about some of the things I enjoy in life. These are in no order of course because the Lord, family, friends are first. Things I love:

  1. taking pictures
  2. being uplifted from others
  3. singing in the car
  4. peppermint gum
  5. making goals
  6. listening to rain
  7. dancing
  8. watching musicals
  9. creating something beautiful
  10. being with my family
  11. playing with animals
  12. BYU
  13. sunny Sundays
  14. rolling down my car window and feeling the warm air in the summer
  15. rainbows
  16. fun traditions
  17. laying in the sand
  18. watching waves
  19. listening to uplifting words
  20. my Savior
  21. serving
  22. laughing
  23. country music
  24. fresh flowers
  25. cuddling in a warm blanket
  26. inspirational thoughts
  27. pink
  28. seeing others happy
  29. making someone's day
  30. my heroes
  31. good examples
  32. ppl standing up for whats right
  33. smiling
  34. blue skies
  35. warm showers
  36. cute jewelry
  37. designing
  38. budding trees and plants
  39. trying something new
  40. someone going out of their way and thinking of me
  41. someone telling me I made their day
  42. finding great deals
  43. delicious desserts
  44. my initials on things
  45. summer dresses and flipflops
  46. getting involved
  47. sharing the gospel
  48. having inspirational/scriptural quotes around me
  49. going on a mini adventure
  50. finding joy in the journey

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