Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Birthday Dreams - aka National Holiday

Chris gave me the best birthday ever! I slept in and we went out for breakfast then we watched one of my favorite musicals.

I picked Wingers to go for dinner and my sister and her friends came to visit and a few of our other friends came to celebrate!For my birthday Chris surprised me with a Cricut!!! Pretty good choice I have loved doing things with it I was really surprised thanks Chris! I look like such a Goober, this is right after I opened it
After dinner we went to Chris' house where his family wanted to wish me a Happy Bday. He surprised me with a Magleby cake which are INCREDIBLE and baby Brynlie and Coleman helped me blow out all the candles which I can successfully do still... even with 22

Cute picture of Chris and Baby LucieMy roommates were so nice and decorated some of the apartment
You can tell a little bit but there was balloons and streamers all over

Thanks for the awesome birthday. Thanks especially Chris for thinking of me and planning a day all for me :)

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