Thursday, April 3, 2014

7 month Owen

Time is just flying! I can't believe it's been 7 months with our little guy. He's grown up so much this last month and can roll and can sit by himself for a few minutes. My favorite is his little tooth that just came in. He was a little sick mid month and not sleeping well at all. One night I got out of bed 20 times and many nights over 10 times. We thought he started teething a few months ago and thought this time, it must be teething. I kept checking every day and finally a little tooth came in! The second one on the bottom is starting to come up too so any day it will pierce through his gums.

He wakes up around 8-9am, we read books and practice sitting and play with toys, he eats his baby food, we play during the day and get things done or run errands, dad comes home and we later eat dinner, eat rice cereal, get ready for bed with bath and books then go to bed!

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