Friday, March 28, 2014

ScreenSpiffer Cleaning Cloth

My friend's own the company ScreenSpiffer and I was so excited to do a review of their amazing products!  Isn't it annoying when your phone, tablet, computer, or sunglasses are dirty?  I automatically rub them on my pants which can be harsh.  ScreenSpiffer uses microfiber technology and everyday easy accessible items to clean these electronic devices.

First is the ScreenSpiffer Ties, the ties have the built-in microfiber to easily clean your phone or other electronic devices.  I love their stylish tie options and the quick and clean way to clean the screen.

So what if you want to add the microfiber to one of your own ties or somewhere else in your wardrobe?  Well, they also offer ScreenSpiffer Cleaning Cloths which can be ironed on wherever you would like!  They fit perfectly in the pocket of your tie or I really want to add one to my camera bag so I can easily wipe my camera lens.  LOVE this idea.

Another great product is their Purse Attachment ScreenSpiffers where the microfiber cleaner is attached to your keychain or purse for easy access to cleaning your devices.  I added mine to my laptop bag and keys.  The cleaning surface is 2.5x4.5 and closes to protect the cleaner when not in use.

I love these amazing products from ScreenSpiffer! What a stylish and easy way to clean your electronic devices wherever you might be.  Thanks ScreenSpiffer!  Check out more on their website and for 25% off enter code "iheartpears".

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