Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chalkboard Pregnancy Announcement

Chalkboard Pregnancy Announcement Picture Ideas

After starting my Etsy shop and putting up a few things to "test" the waters and what people were looking for, I quickly found that people were buying some chalkboard pregnancy announcement files I designed for myself when I was pregnant.  

The last few months I have had such a fun time designing these files and helping families make their "big announcement" special and fun!  Here are some amazing pictures of my chalkboard files that people have sent after the announced their pregnancy!

Pregnancy Chalkboard Announcement Baby #3

I absolutely love how cute this announcement turned out.  They were expecting baby #3 so we had three signs: Oldest Child, Middle Child (youngest crossed out) then "We're excited to announce Baby #3".  I love how it turned out.  

Here is another darling photo of these two big brothers announcing baby #3 is on it's way! 

 Chalkboard Banner Pregnancy Announcement

One of my favorite pregnancy announcements was this chalkboard design with cute pink and blue hearts!  I love the wooden frame they chose and cute background!

Big Brother Breaking News Chalkboard Pregnancy Announcement

Two reporters from Texas announced their pregnancy as "breaking news" and I love how cute their final picture and announcement turned out!

We're Expecting Chalkboard Pregnancy Announcement

One of my first designs was this "we're expecting" chalkboard design with a vintage feel/border.  This sign has been bought in pretty much all sizes and I love how this cute announcement turned out.  

Multiple Chalkboard Pregnancy Signs

Some popular signs come in two or three to help announce pregnancies!  Photo by Santina Eger

 Promoted to Big Sister or Big Brother Chalkboard Signs

 I love the chalkboard announcements that include the big brother and sisters.  A cute phrase is "promoted to big sister or brother" which has turned out so cute in these announcement pictures. 

Only Child Expiring Chalkboard Printable

Another fun announcement is "only child expiring"! 

For custom pregnancy announcements and tons of cute pregnancy and gender announcements check out https://www.etsy.com/shop/PearlPearDesigns.  

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