Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Half a year old!

First of all, I swear Owen came back from the hospital a month ago.  How does time fly so fast?  Well, actually thinking about it it's probably from the short and busy days taking care of him and then the long nights with no sleep.  It's so worth it though and I'm definitely used to it and having this amazing baby in my life.  It's weird to imagine life before him.

Anyway he's seriously the best baby.  He loves to play with mom and dad but can take care of himself and play with toys as well.  He doesn't really cry unless he's hungry and he's just so sweet and gentle.  I love how he always keeps tabs on me and ALWAYS knows where I'm at.  When I come back in the room or get him from his crib in the morning his face lights up.  I love how happy he gets and it makes me realize how I'm his everything and he loves me no matter what.

I've been surprised in the last month how he's changed.  Longer tummy times and much stronger neck, arms, and legs.  He's starting to move which is crazy!  Not a crawl yet, but he'll move a little when he's laid on his back or tummy.  He love his sweet potatoes, carrots, squash and rice cereal and eats those pretty well.  He still loves books but is interested in different toys.  Ahh, he's so great.  I have nothing but good things to say because he is such a great baby and loves us so much.

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