Friday, February 28, 2014

Free Zoo Day with the Cousins

Free Zoo day is the best.  Owen loves going on walks and loved looking around at the animals and people while we were at the zoo.  We went once in January which was chilly but hardly anyone was there and then in February which was PACKED but had great weather.
Here are some January zoo pictures with the cousins.  Aren't they the cutest?

It was so fun dad was able to go with us!

The coolest picture with a seal thing behind us.  Perfect timing.

A month later in February.  It took a half hour to park and again it was super crowded, but worth it because it was free.  In January we put Owen's carseat in the stroller and this time in February he sat up so grown up and big!  He's growing up so much and surprises me each day of new things he's able to do.

Since it's been cold we haven't gone out too much, so people and animal watching is a new/terrifying/exciting experience for this little guy.

Here are the cousins looking at the giraffes.  Sadly there's no more free zoo days until wintertime, but we'll have to go again with everyone else.

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