Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Baby Photobook Options

Owen is almost 5 months and I've been wanted to create some custom books for him to read.  He LOVES books so I thought it would be cute to make a customized book for him for Valentine's Day.  

You have the option of creating photobooks through Tiny Print’s sister site, Shutterfly which is where I created my custom book.  I love the photobook options they have to choose from along with the sizes and quality of the paper and images.  I have created previous photobooks from them and absolutely love how they have turned out.  
Here are some of the cute options for creating a baby photobook.  There are ABC books already started so you can pop in pictures for each letter.  I went deeper and created a custom ABC book for Owen  using my own alphabet (A for About Owen, B for Ball, C for Cousins).  Here are some cute pictures of my photobook for Owen.

Here is a template for the ABC book where you can easily pop in pictures and change the text if you want something quick and easy.
ABC Book

 I love how you can custom things just how you would like, I chose a template and then went to their huge database to choose which fonts, backgrounds, and more that I wanted to use in my photobook.  For Mother's Day I'm thinking about creating a Grandma Brag Book.  This would be so cute to give both grandmas so they can see the cute pictures of Owen!
Grandma Brag Book

For his first birthday, I'm excited to create a "First Year" book for Owen.  I love this template with monthly images to add for each month.
Year of Firsts

Another one of my favorite photobooks is the Pregnancy Journal.  I took pictures each week of my pregnancy and think it would be cute to put it together in a book for Owen to read.  
Pregnancy Journal
With over 20 different options for baby photobooks and 200 different photobook template designs in total (from marriage, anniversary, and more), you can find which photobook you want to create and share memories with. Other personalized photo gifts like these photobooks can be found here.

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  1. I love the ABC photo book idea! SO much fun. I took tons of photos and kept a journal during pregnancy, but turning it into a book would be awesome! Thank you for sharing!


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