Sunday, February 9, 2014

Baby Footprint with Silhouette

For Valentine's Day I wanted to make a sign that said "LOVE" with little Owen's footprints.  I had his newborn footprints on his certificate from the hospital from when he was minutes old and wanted to use those for the "V" in love.

1) I scanned in the file and saved it as a jpeg.

2) In Silhouette, I opened the file by going to FILE - OPEN - (then my jpeg file)

3) Next I went to the Trace - Select Trace Option then tweaked the filter, threshold, and scale to make the inside of the feet bright yellow.  Then I clicked Trace Outer Edge which traces the outside of the feet and toes.

 4) I then had an outline, I highlighted everything and went to Object - Release Compound path
This allows for all of the pieces to be on their own (right now everything is in one box)

5) Now since everything is now separated, we need to put each foot together then twist it to make the shape of a "V".  Highlight all pieces of your foot and go to Object - Make Compound Path
Do this for both feet
6) Now you can rotate the whole foot using your cursor on the green dot.
7) I used double sided adhesive paper from silhouette, I added it onto my mat with yellow side up, then into the Silhouette. Go to Send to Silhouette and add the right settings before clicking CUT 8)

8) I peeled off the yellow, stuck it onto the paper (or you could do it the opposite and take off the white paper). Then take off the white paper and sprinkle on the glitter!

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