Friday, September 27, 2013

Staying comfortable while feeding my newborn

Yay Baby Pears is three weeks and I can't believe how big he's getting!  I thought I was prepared for what it would be like having a baby, but the thing that has caught me most off-guard is the physical exhaustion I feel from the lack of sleep and discomfort from carrying, holding, and especially feeding him. 
My back and neck especially have been aching so I've been trying to figure out some ways to be more comfortable because he's been eating about 8 times a day averaging about 35-45 minutes each time. With feeding, burping, and rocking asleep I would say it comes up to about 7-9 hours a day.  That's so much strain on my back and neck and body I've tried a few things but what's worked the best is My Brest Friend nursing pillow which by far is the best nursing pillow out there because of it's designs and features.  Here are some of the benefits I have found through My Brest Friend and how it has helped my aching nursing body.

1) Back support
One thing missing from other nursing pillows is a back support.  I've tried different pillows which go just across the front of my body or somewhat go behind my back but leaning back is so uncomfortable and their just not built right.  My Brest Friend has one piece that wraps behind my back and snaps into place (adjustable to size) and is not too bulky or low on my back.  It feels so comfortable and does not get out of place like other pillows.

2) Flat cushion design
I love the flat cushion design from this nursing pillow.  Other nursing pillows are, well, just pillows and don't give equal balance and support like My Brest Friend.  The foam used with My Brest Friend is cushy but not swallowing up your baby or making him uncomfortable.  I love on top of My Brest Friend that there's two small mounds which are perfect to slightly lift the baby's head on each side you nurse.

3) Pocket
Another convenient feature for feeding my baby is a spot to put things in to keep it near. Once my baby starts eating, he's going to finish eating so taking even a short break if I need something is hard.  I love the idea for nursing pillows to have pockets so I can keep things near whether it be a bottle, paci, book etc.

4) Elbow rest - awesome for shoulder support
Once My Brest Friend is snapped into place, you have two comfortable places to rest your elbows.  When nursing I would get so uncomfortable because I would be crouched over and was in a bad posture with my arms. The elbow rest with this pillow really helps me keep a good posture.

5) Machine washable
When I hear noises from my baby's diaper when feeding my first instinct is oh no it's going to get all over me! Thank goodness for nursing pillows with fabric that easily comes off and that is machine washable.  You never know when your baby might have a destructive diaper that goes everywhere!

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