Monday, September 30, 2013

Nursing Secrets from tanks, dresses, bras, and more

About two weeks ago I was introduced to nursing tanks! I had no idea these things existed but I'm so glad because before I would have to pull up or down my tank top to nurse (and stretch it out the wrong way... super annoying)but now with nursing tanks I can easy pull down the tabs (like in nursing bras) and feed my little guy.

Great idea right!  I got my tank from Glamourmom who has a variety of color and styles of nursing tanks, nursing bras, and other maternity and nursing clothing to make your nursing experience more comfortable. As you can see from the above picture, this tank provides full coverage while nursing in public and is extra long (hence it's name "Nursing bra long tank") to hide after baby tummy and back.  I love how it fits and easily comes down for me to feed my baby.  There is no bulk (like I have when I feed with regular tank tops) and the adjustable spaghetti straps help me adjust the tank to the right place.

Galmourmom also has other nursing tanks to suit your nursing needs.  Their nursing tanks include: 

Nursing Bra Tummy Control Long Tank (pictured above)
Nursing Bra Full Bust Long Top
Nursing Bra Long Tank
Nursing Bra Long Top with Adjustable Chest Band 
Nursing Bra Long Top
Nursing Bra Full Bust Slimming Long Top
Nursing Bra Top with Lace
Nursing Bra Tank
Glamourtank Bra Tank (Non-Nursing)
Maternity Bra Tank (Non-Nursing)

Beyond tanks, Glamourmom has cute clothing centered around your nursing needs.  I love this Long Sleeve with Detachable Nursing Bra that's so cute and allows you to detach the bra part which is brilliant.  

Another favorite is the Nursing Bra Dress that is so cute (I would love this in the fall with some tights and boots) and instead of awkwardly lifting my dress to nurse or pulling the collar down, this dress provides the perfect solution.

Another product Glamourmom offers is their nursing bras.  This is the Mpress Lace Microfiber which has cotton lined cups, back wing support for excess skin, one hand hooks, and inner lace.  Love all of these awesome nursing products from Glamourmom, check out more of what they offer on their website! 

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