Saturday, August 24, 2013

Celebrities in Seraphine Maternity

I love the classic style and look from Seraphine Maternity.  Their clothes are absolutely beautiful and are not only worn by everyday me, but by celebrities like Kate Middleton, Jessica Alba, and Halle Berry! All of these women are so classy and are setting trends left and right without even trying.  I'm sure they love Seraphine for the same reason I do while I'm expecting, I love the comfort, classic style, high quality fabric, and fun prints and colors.

This family picture with Kate Middleton came out this last week and look at what she's wearing, the Fushsia Knot Front Dress from Seraphine Maternity.  Already this dress is flying off the shelves and is a beautiful color and outfit for pregnant and post-pregnant mothers.

In her pregnancy she wore a similar dress, the Blossom Knot Front Lavender dress which is another beautiful creation from Seraphine.  I love the flowy fit with v-neckline and tied back waist for a beautiful fit.  I have this dress in a 3/4 sleeve and absolutely love it and can't wait to continue wearing after the baby.

This Floral Print Maternity Maxi is one of the most beautiful maternity dresses I've seen. I love the cut and flow and the beautiful brown floral patterns.  It wold be perfect for summer and warmer weather, made from 100% cotton, and I love the cardigan for fall or spring.  

Here is a cute top from Jennifer Garner that is a v-neck, black and sand long striped knit top with a black tie under the belly.  Garner wore this Black & Sand Long Striped Jumper with a cute red scarf, jeans, and flats, this would be perfect too with cute leggings or a maxi skirt.  

Last look I'm focusing on is from Halle Berry in this Seraphine Black Crochet Tunic Dress.  I love how this dress ties underneath the belly for a cute silhouette and effortless chic look.  What Seraphine dress is your favorite? I sure love all of these cute styles modeled by some of the world's infamous classy ladies!

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