Friday, August 23, 2013

36 Week Pregnancy Chalkboard

Less than a month now! I'm so excited and we can't wait to meet our little guy. I've been so tired so I've been sleeping great, I can tell he is cramped in there but hopefully growing big! I'm now seeing my doctor every week and things are still going well, one day this week I had the most painful contractions starting before 6am and they kept getting closer and stronger, then disappeared which is great. My doctor said I need to do less and take it easy but there is so much to do I feel. I also had the most beautiful baby shower (pictures to come) and I had such a great time!
Inches: 16 inches larger around belly
How I've used my time: Doing projects around the house and getting things ready. Hospital bag is pretty much ready
Cravings: Nothing at the moment
Other facts: My carpal tunnel has felt better, contractions a few times this week, baby shower this week, got the desk out of the baby's room so just need to pick up and put things on the walls.
I absolutely love this dress, it is from Seraphine Maternity and is the same style and brand that Kate Middleton has worn when she was expecting.  This Royal Blue Knot Front Maternity Dress is super comfortable and I love the 3/4 sleeves and the knot front is so flattering and fits right above your belly.  I like how this dress ties in the back, so you can customize it to your size, and comes right under my knee cap.  

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