Thursday, August 15, 2013

5 Products for Hosting your Perfect End of Summer Party

Only a few more weeks left of summer! It's time to plan your end of summer party for friends or family to end off the summer, and start this school year off right.  Need some ideas of food and fun for your party?  YescomUSA can help.

1) Snow Cones

Snow cones are perfect to cool you down during these last few weeks of summer.  There are so many great flavors and can be made fast and easy.  YescomUSA has many commercial ice shave machines to help you make your perfect snow cones starting at $80 with shaving power of 143 lbs per hour!

2) Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy is another fun treat to bring to any summer party.  YescomUSA has a Kiddie size ($50) a hard core commercial size ($250) for creating your perfect cotton candy.  The commercial size cotton candy maker heats up faster, 20" diameter (compared to 15" Kiddie), and has more power of 1050W (compared to the Kiddie 450W).

Kiddie Electric Cotton Candy Maker

Commercial Cotton Candy Maker

3) Popcorn

Watching a favorite movie inside or outside during your end of summer party?  You have to eat popcorn! I love these Popcorn Machines which are so cute and fun to use, they start at only $50 (50% off).

4) Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate Fountains are great in the warmer weather so you can bring it outside.  Put up to 2 lbs of white, dark, or milk chocolate in the base and watch it flow over this three tiered beauty.  My favorite things to cover with chocolate from the fountain is strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, marshmallows, gram crackers, and more.  Such a fun way for kids and adults to eat their favorite chocolate covered items.  This tiered chocolate fountain starts at $60 from YescomUSA and definitely will be used again and again.

5) French Fries

I want one of these so bad! How fun would that be to have a party and serve hot and ready french fries.  This commercial deep fryer comes in many different sizes (this one starting 60% off at $100) and is made from heavy duty stainless steel and is 9" by 8".  Plastic handles are used for hand protection and this deep fryer comes with an extra french fry scoop and five scoring pads to help you get started!

With one or more of these foods made with these fun products, you can plan and carry out your perfect end of the summer party.  I can't wait for mine with the help of YescomUSA!

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